Manufacturer of Brass Electrical Plug Socket Parts

Brass Electrical Plug Socket Parts

We are manufacturer and supplier of all types of electrical plug socket parts. We supply socket parts for Type-A plugs, Type-B Plugs, Type-C Plugs, Type-D Plugs, Type-G Plugs, Type-K Plugs and all other country specific types of plugs as per customer specifications. Our plug socket parts include 5Amp sockets, 10Amp sockets, 16Amp sockets and higher grades for industrial applications.

We follow quality standards and specifications for almost all the global standards like IEC-60906-1, IS-1293, SANS 164-1 SANS 164-3, CEE 7/3, CEE 7/5, BS-1363, IS-401, IS-411, SS-145, SI-32, AS/NZS 3112, IRAM-2073, GB-1002, GB-2009.1, SEV-1011 Type 13, 107-2-D1, CEI-23-50, NBR-14136, TIS-166-2549 and all the custom standards.

Brass 3Pin Plug Socket parts

Brass 3pin plug socket parts

Nikasam Impex LLP is manufacturer and supplier of all types of electrical 3pin socket brass parts or brass components. We offer brass socket parts with tin coating, nickel coating, polished or as per customer specified finishing.

  • 6Amp 3pin socket parts
  • 16Amp 3pin socket parts
  • Nickel plated brass socket parts
  • Polished brass socket parts

Brass 5pin Plug Socket Parts

Brass 5pin 2in1 socket parts

We also manufacturer and supply electrical 5pin socket parts, a combination of 3pin and 5pin socket. Also known as 2in1 5pin socket parts. Surface finishing and coating as per customer requirements.

  • 16Amp plug socket parts
  • 2in1 plug socket parts
  • 5/15Amp plug socket parts
  • Nickel coated 5pin sockets
  • Polished 5pin socket parts

Brass Industrial Socket Parts

Brass Industrial Socket Parts

Brass Industrial socket parts is our heavy duty brass socket components used in industrial grade electrical plug sockets. It is used in preparing electrical plug sockets for high voltage and heavy current applications.

  • High Voltage Socket parts
  • Heavy current socket parts
  • Industry Grade socket parts
  • 32Amp socket parts
  • 40 Amp socket parts

C19 Socket brass Parts

Computer Power Chord C19 Socket brass Parts

Our electrical socket parts also includes computer power chord female/socket parts. Also known as c19 Scoket parts.

  • C19 Socket Parts
  • Computer Power Chord Socket parts
  • Brass Computer Chord Socket pins
  • Laptop charger socket parts
  • C20 Chord brass components
  • C13 Chord brass Parts

Brass Scoket Earth Pins

Brass Scoket Earth Pins

Brass Electrical Socket earth pins are used in both 3pin plugs and 5pin plugs. We manufacture best quality socket earth pins for 5Amp sockets, 10Amp Sockets, 16Amp sockets and higher rating sockets.

  • Nickel plated Socket Earth Pins
  • 10Amp Socket Earth Pins
  • Polished Socket Earth Pins