Gas Fitting Brass Components
Manufacturer and Exporters of Gas Jets, LPG, CNG and propane fitting parts

Nikasam Impex LLP is a manufacturer and supplier of all the types of Gas fitting brass parts and brass components. We supply brass items to be used in LPG fitting, CNG fittings and propane gas fittings. The components include gas flow jets, Burner jets, Gas line couplers, Flare unions, gas refill adapter sets, Natural gas line connectors, and all the types of gas fitting brass products.

Finishing : Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or as per customer specification.

Threads : ISO Metric, BSW, NPT, BSP, BSPT or as per custom design specified by customers.

Material : IS-319 Type(I), IS-1367, BS-249 Type(I), BS-3692, BS 416

Brass CNG Parts

Brass GNG Fitting Parts

CNG fitting parts made from high quality copper alloy (Brass) metal with best finish.

Brass Flare Union Tube

Brass Union Tube

Flare Union tube with male ends and NPT threads super quality brass and Excellent finish.

Brass Flare fitting connectors

Flare Fitting Connectors

Brass metal Flare fitting union connectors available in various sizes from 8mm to 25mm

Brass Gas Nozzle Sprayer

Brass Gas Nozzle Sprayer

Propane LP Natural Gas Brass Jet Nozzle Sprayer in various sizes and Best quality.

Brass Gas Fitting Parts

Brass Gas Fitting Parts

Variety of gas fitting parts for domestic and industrial application made of Brass.

Brass Gas Stove Jets

Brass Gas Stove Jets

Stove Jets for domestic and industrial LPG stoves in number of sizes and finish.

Brass Gas male connectors

Male Connectors for Gas fitting

Various types of Gas connectors for use in gas pipe and assembly fittings.

Cylinder adapter swivel connector

Cylinder Adapter for Swivel

Brass components for Gas cylinder adaptor for swivel type fittings.

Gas Swivel Link

Gas fitting Swivel Link

Gas fitting Swivel Link for increased movement at either end of the gas connector.

Gas Swivel Nipple

Gas Swivel Nipple

Gas fitting Swivel Nipple for rotating swivel connections.

Inverted Flare Unions

Inverted flare unions

Flare union socket or Inverted flare union parts from best quality brass metal.

Natural Gas Connector Kit

Natural Gas Connectors

Connector kit for natural gas fittings / NG pipe fitting connector kit.

Natural Gas Connector Kit

Gas Quick Connector

Best quality Quick connectors for Gas fitting with excellent finish.

Propane tank adapters

Gas Bottle refill Adaptors

Propane or LPG gas tank/Bottle adapters for domestic and Industrial use.


Propane Splitter connector

Propane/LPG gas connection splitter to split one connection into two lines.