Manufacturers of Brass Fasteners, tools

Hardware Parts

Nikasam Impex LLP is one of the top manufacturer and suppliers of brass fasteners and brass tools. We deal in variety of brass fasteners like brass Anchor Fasteners, Brass Nuts, Brass Screws, Brass Bolts, Bush, Brass Washers, Door stoppers, Brass Hinges, Sliding lock parts, Door handles, Door knobs, Clamps, Couplers and many other types of hardware components.

Material Standards:

  • IS-1367
  • BS-3692
  • DIN-933
  • DIN-931
  • ISO-4017
  • As Per Customer Needs


  • Natural Finish
  • Nickel Plating
  • Chrome Plating
  • Tin Plating


  • ISO Metric (MM Threads)
  • BA Threads
  • BSW Threads
  • UNC, UNF Threads
  • NTP Threads
  • Custom Threads

Brass Anchor Fasteners

Brass Anchor Fastners

Anchor Fasteners are very important tool for fixing bolts or screws tightly inside the surfaces. Brass Anchors are used for medium and light duty fixing in Building Industry like Electrical, Sanitary Installation work, Air-conditioning, Mounting of suspended ceilings, heating systems etc. These parts are also known as wood desk anchors and brass drop anchors.

We (Nikasma Impex LLP) are one of the leading Indian supplier, manufacturer and exporter of high quality of Brass Anchor Fasteners with various size and Threads.

Alternate Names:
  • Brass Anchors

  • Drop In Brass Anchors

  • Brass Anchor Studs

  • Brass Knurling Anchors

  • Brass Pool Anchors

Brass Made Bolts

Brass Bolts

Brass bolts are integral part of hardware items. Bolts are everywhere used along with nuts to connect two different parts. Due to its rust free and corrosion resistant properties, brass bolts are used in long lasting fittings.

We manufacture and supply brass bolts in number of shapes, sizes and finishing for variety of industrial and domestic applications. Standards DIN-931, DIN-933 and other global standards.

Alternate Names:
  • Brass Made Hex Bolts

  • Screw Type Bolts

  • Round Headed Brass Bolts

  • Brass Special fasteners

  • Brass Nut bolts

  • Brass Square Bolts

  • Brass Split Bolts

  • Brass Anchor Bolts

  • Brass Hollow Bolts

  • Hexagon head bolts with shank

Brass Nuts

Brass Nuts

Nuts are also a common fastener in hardware components. We are supplier of variety of brass made nuts in number of shapes, sizes and finishing. All the products are made of best quality brass material with world class standards like IS-1367, BS-57, DIN-975, DIN-976, DIN-439A, DIN-439B, DIN-466, DIN-557

Types of Brass Nuts:
  • Brass Hex Nuts

  • Brass Square Nuts

  • Brass Wing Nuts

  • Brass Half Nuts

  • Brass Lock Nuts

  • Brass Check Nuts

  • Brass Dome Nuts

  • Brass Cap Nuts

  • Brass Insert Nuts

  • Brass Panel Nuts

  • Knurled Thumb Nuts

  • DIN-1587 Cap nuts

  • DIN 982 self-locking nuts

Brass Screws

Brass Screws

Brass Screws are another important hardware tool. It has thousands of household and industrial applications. We are Manufacturer and supplier of almost all types of brass made hardware screws made of excellent quality brass metal. Below is a non-exhaustive list of our brass screw products.

Our screw norms are DIN-84, DIN-85, DIN-912, DIN-964, DIN-7985, DIN-7991 and other global standards.

Types of Screws:
  • Brass Grub Screws

  • Brass Wood Screws

  • Brass Slotted Pan Head Screws

  • Slotted Cheese head screws

  • Brass Hexagon socket head Screws

  • Brass Round Head Screws

  • Brass Square Head Screws

  • Slotted Countersunk Screws

  • Brass Machine Screws

  • Brass Thumb Screws

  • Polish Thread Brass Screws

  • Brass Rough Threaded Screws

  • Brass Furniture Screws

Brass Bush and Washers

Brass Bush and Washers

Brass Washers are used in conjunction with bolts or screws to distribute the load over wider surface or to prevent the fitting from losing. Bushing on the other hand is a kind of plain bearing to reduce friction between rotating shafts and static/fixed base components. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporters for all types of brass made bushes and brass washers.

Types of Brass Bush and Washers:
  • Brass Bush

  • Brass Washers

  • Belleville & Conical Washers

  • Brass Lock washer

  • Brass Plain washer

  • Brass Flat washer

  • Fender Washer

  • Brass Plain Bush

  • Brass Sleeve Bush

Brass Coupling Dowels

Brass Coupling Dowels

Coupling dowels are used in joning tow solid blocks or rods. They are also used to join solid copper earth rods together to ensure that there is no broken contacts.

We manufacture brass coupling dowels in a variety of size with multiple thread type and thread sizes. We manufacture brass coupling dowels in standard sizes and as per customer specifications also.

Brass coupling dowels are corrosion resistant and have best electrical and thermal conductivity. They are widely used in a number of industries now a days.