Manufacturer of Brass HRC Fuse Parts, Fuse Contacts

Brass HRC Fuse Parts

Nikasam Impex LLP is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all types of brass HRC fuse parts, brass kit-kat fuse parts, and all types of electrical fuse connectors and fuse terminals. We manufactuer the fuse components in standard sizes and according to customer specified custom dimensions.

We manufacture the fuse parts from free cutting brass or customer specified metal composition. We manufacture the fuse components with all global standards.

Brass HRC Fuse Contacts

Brass HRC Fuse Contacts

We manufacture and supply best quality brass HRC Fuse contacts. We supply HRC Fuse contacts with surface finishing like Natural polish, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specificationon. We use free cutting brass material or customer specific or country specific grades.

  • Brass HRC Fuse Contacts
  • Nickel Coated HRC Fuse Contacts
  • Polised HRC Fuse Contacts

Brass HRC Fuse Terminals

Brass HRC Fuse Terminals

Nikasam Impex LLP manufactures and supplies HRC Fuse terminals from 10Amp to 40Amp line fuses. The HRC Fuse terminals are used in manufacturing of Electrical HRC fuses.

  • HRC Fuse Terminals
  • Electrical Fuse Terminals
  • Brass Fuse Terminals
  • 32 Amp Fuse Terminals
  • 40 Amp Fuse Terminals
  • Nickel Coated Brass Fuse Terminals

Brass Kit Kat Fuse Parts

Brass Kit Kat Fuse parts

Kit Kat fuse is a rewirable, semi enclosed fuse mostly found in domestic wiring. It is easy to install, replace and repair. We manufacture all brass components of kit kat fuses. We supply Polished / Natural finished, nickel coated kit kat fuse parts.

  • Brass Kit Kat fuse components
  • Domestic fuse parts
  • Nickel coated kit kat fuse parts
  • Polished kit kat fuse parts